LAAX Art+Culture

Without art and culture, things get quiet – not only in urban areas but also in the mountains and so in LAAX. LAAX’s once diverse cultural offerings have fallen into a deep sleep, especially in the last two years. Culture lives on heart and soul. Many people in LAAX have had enough of that. So they joined forces to help the cultural offerings in the destination out of their slumber. The birth of LAAX Art+Culture.

With LAAX Art+Culture, the cultural offering throughout the destination is being revived, further expanded and promoted. And this not only for our guests, but also for all locals, employees and people outside the destination who miss the once legendary LAAX nightlife.

This is what awaits you this winter 2023/24: LAAX Art+Culture goes into the next round. Well-established events such as open mic nights, art exhibitions and concerts await you this winter.

Find out when and where the events will take place in the event calendar.